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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Morgan Chronicles

His comment really should have bothered me. My body tried to react,
and I stiffened briefly. Kurlog's strong arms kept me locked against
him, and the hint of panic subsided. "Why would you create them?"

"That's what one does in a war." He had another flagon of drink
brought over, and I drank again.

Gasping, my head reeling from the alcohol, I sat up, watching the
feast spread before us. "And who are you at war with?"

Kurlog ran a hand along my spine, causing me to flush. He wasn't bad
looking, but I didn't have time for dalliances. I kept my eyes averted
as he spoke. "Anyone I choose to be." He chuckled at some private
joke. "But currently I'm at war with humans trying to claim this
stretch of Between, and a dragon who would do the same."

"Why not let them have it?" I slumped in his arms, limbs numb,
strength fading. The warrior's stroking hand became more insistent,
my skin pebbling as I started reacting.

"Because it's mine. I was here first, and they can't have it." Some
of his feasting men started brawling, and we watched them for a few
moments. "The dragon wants to burn it all, bring this slice of
Between into an actual realm. The humans"-he shuddered in
disgust-"want to settle here, find a place free of gods and powers."

"Silky humans."

Kurlog's mouth nuzzle my ear. "So disdainful."

"Aren't you?" I asked breathlessly. A moan escaped me, my
inhibitions melted by the alcohol.

"Just a little. But I find them fun." He nipped the back of my
shoulder, and I writhed. There was no denying him, and an hour passed
in passionate embracings. Kurlog wasn't very imaginative, but I was
too inebriated to care.

But I wasn't so inebriated I didn't have fun. Having sex with the
warrior was enjoyable, and it relaxed me. The drink's effects wore
off, sobering me slowly. My shoulder ached, but I wasn't bothered by

I lounged in Kurlog's arms, sipping at something cold and
non-alcoholic. "Feeling better?" he asked. We were both covered in
sweat, but neither of us made the effort to get up and bathe. The fur
rug we rested on was delightful to the touch, and I wasn't leaving
anytime soon. Despite my duties.

"Sure am," I replied, watching the feast. The brawlers had finished
sometime during our sex, and were getting drunk as they made up.
"Another one of your creations?" I asked, changing the subject.

"A Chaos Lord has to have fun." Kurlog traced a scar on my thigh, and
my blood ran cold.

"Chaos Lord?" My voice wouldn't rise above a whisper. Chaos Lords
were champions of the wild forces of the universe, wielding their
power without care or concern for others. Chaos Lords were dangerous,
and I'd been taught to avoid them at any cost.

"Well, former. I got bored of the rest of the crowd, and decided to
try Balance for a while." Kurlog's eyes twinkled. "I never knew how
much fun it could be."

I shuddered. "So you're a Gray Lord who kills his own kind? That's
even worse."

Kurlog quirked an eyebrow. "I was just joshing you. I've never
killed a Gray servant." He smirked. "And I'm not exactly a Gray
Lord." I pulled away when he tried to touch me again. "What got you
so messed up?"

I sat up, still chilled. "I don't like Chaos Lords."

Kurlog frowned. "Really? You don't?"

Shaking my head, I started reaching for my clothes. Being naked next
to Kurlog suddenly seemed like a bad idea. "Something about Chaos
Lords upsets me."

"Then why are you travelling with one?"