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Monday, January 18, 2010

Book of Fallout

I mean, Book of Eli. Even from the original previews, I knew this was going to be a giant Fallout quest. And it was. It was good, and fun, and wasn't preachy. Sure, there was a bible, and it had moments of Christianity, but it was more of a side thing. It's not what the movie was about. Sure, there were a few quibbles with the twist, but I still totally enjoyed it.

Also saw Riding the Bullet, which was this dvd movie I got off Netflix. It was neat, trippy, and kinda twisted. I can't recall the Stephen King short story it's based on, but this was a good watch.

Just finished watching Law-Abiding Citizen. I liked most of it, though some parts were kind of angering. The plot holes in it were there because it was the only way to get the story told they writers wanted it done. And they were pretty glaring plot holes. Like why the fuck weren't the feds all over Gerard Butler's character?

The justice system was portrayed fairly realistically, in that it's totally broken and needs help. You see them trying to do anything they can to beat him, up to and including violating his civil rights and making shit up to get homeland involved. That part is quite angering. But the movie was still neat to watch.