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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

"So, you like it?" Kapeta hovered near Rhaelgyr, arms crossed beneath her perky breasts.

I didn't know if I could say like. The scene of torture and sex was not to my taste, but a thrill raced through me anyway. Smoke hung heavy in the air, highlighting the scent of sweat and lust.

While I wasn't enticed by what I saw, Rhaelgyr was. He let me go, growling, and stepped forward. His fist was clenching on the leash, and the dragon pulled me to his side. ~If you get a chance, you must leave.~

~What about you? What about Steven?~

His presence assaulted my mind, forcing into my skull, and I quivered. Kapeta had motioned for drinks, and she was pressing against Rhaelgyr's other side.

~She knows how to please a dragon.~ A whip cracked, and someone cried out. Rhaelgyr purred, his mind surging in mine. He wanted me, unlike earlier, and didn't care how easily he would hurt me. ~If you stay or try to help, you will only fall for this trap.~

I swore under my breath. I was almost clear-headed right now, and the dragon was losing control. If he got wound up in our hostess's games, would I be able to free Steven?

"Come sit down. The new one is still being dressed up, so we might as well get to know one another." Kapeta tugged on Rhaelgyr's arm, and we followed her to a heap of cushions. She pulled the dragon down next to her, and I was obliged to flop down as well.

Rhaelgyr's mind raced with erotic images. He kept thinking of me, kept our mental bond open, kept me aware of just what Kapeta's room was doing to him. I tried to avoid seeing the woman hanging from the ceiling and being cut on, but the dragon's lust showed him playing with me like that.

~You need to stop that,~ I whispered, curling against his side, breathing heavily. I could barely think, certainly couldn't hear Kapeta and Rhaelgyr chatting.

~I'm trying to give you control.~ He could simultaneously talk mentally and psychically, and I was jealous.

~Control? By making me wonder just how bad it would hurt to have your claws in me?~

~On enough of Kapeta's drugs, you would love it.~
He purred again in my mind, lazily reaching back to pet my thigh. ~I'm trying to pull those drugs out of your system. Unfortunately, it means I must be open to you.~

~Take away the intoxication?~

He hissed mentally in disgust as Kapeta stroked his arm and hair, but he smiled for her sake. ~She's up to something, and I want you to be free to escape.~

I kissed his side, letting his fantasies wash over me. ~You're a very good friend,~ I told him.

~Don't say that until I get you out of here.~ Unspoken was his desire to use my flesh to repay him. I chuckled, and flashed him a possibility of us being together. His hand twitched, nails digging into my leg.

I damned whatever drugs Kapeta was pumping into the air. Forcing the attraction upon us sucked. But I guess that's what we deserved for being foolish enough to rush in to a situation we didn't understand.

"Ah, here comes my lovely young man." Kapeta's voice was heavy with lust, and I looked up.

Steven was being led in on a leather leash. His wrists were bound together in front of him, and a bit filled his mouth. His hair was slicked back from his flushed face. His eyes were glassy, and he stumbled across the floor. He wore only an awkward rig of leather straps, his manhood bound tight to his belly.

I stared, mouth agape, and felt something stir in the back of my head. It was Rhaelgyr, but a memory. Dark nights alone with Steven. Stolen moments together. And a painful betrayal.

"He's lovely. He looks so natural like that." Rhaelgyr was jealous, and he stroked my thigh possessively. "Where did you find such a specimen?"

"He fell into my lap. Much like you two." I snapped my head around to glare at Kapeta, heart racing. What did she mean by that?