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Friday, January 22, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

Rhaelgyr took his hand from my thigh to pull one of Kapeta's slender wrists to his mouth. "There's better things to do to your lap than fall." She chuckled throatily as he nipped at her skin.

"Arsteno is never so charming. Your woman is very lucky." She ran hands through his hair, scratching his scalp. He shivered at her touch, but I felt his revulsion.

"He just doesn't know how to please a woman." Again he nipped at her, revealing his teeth, his presence flaring and pulsing with the music and moans.

~Are you going to be all right?~ I asked, the back of my throat clenching as he shared his disgust.

~I'll manage.~ He was watching Steven be strung up, and the young man being whipped behind him. Anything but Kapeta, even as he was caressing her hip. ~Her mind is horrible, but I will find what she's hiding. Then I will eat her.~

~You like eating people who upset you, don't you?~
I was watching Steven too, trying to dig up the memories that taunted me. It was obvious there was something between the two of us, and other people knew, but they weren't telling. I needed to know.

The young-looking Chaos Lord hung in his straps, panting as one of his handlers stroked his side. I bit my lip, lost in the sight of him completely helpless. I liked the idea of him being in my mercy, and I wanted to watch him bleed. Moaning, I moved forward on the cushions, ignoring what Rhaelgyr and Kapeta were up to.

Rough images and violent lust filled my head, followed by the dragon's mental growl. He showed me Steven mauled and dying as the dragon consumated his lust with me. ~I will not let him have you while you bear my mark.~ Kapeta cried out as Rhaelgyr took his frustration out on her.

~You don't own me.~ Vitriol spread through my thoughts, replacing lust. We'd been fools to come here, as I'd been a fool to trust the dragon. He just wanted to fuck me, to rule me, to own me. Like every other man in my life.

Kapeta was moaning, and I wanked the leash away. Rhaelgyr caught it, cutting himself again. I yanked and tugged, fighting him for it. ~All you're good for is pleasing a man. And you're barely good at that.~ Disgust laced his words, and it was directed at me, not our hostess.

Anger surged, and I tugged harder. ~Just who the hell do you think you are?~ Rhaelgyr couldn't be bothered to turn away from Kapeta to argue with me. It burned that I'd trusted him, that I'd let myself call him friend. But what did I expect from a crature of Chaos?

The dragon let go of the leash, and I stood up hurriedly. ~You're not worth it.~ Then he slammed the connection between us shut.

I reeled, crushed. It actually hurt to be spurned by someone who'd wanted to help me less than an hour again, less than five minutes ago. How could I feel such a sense of betrayal so quickly?

Gritting my teeth to control my rage and my tears, I crossed to Steven. The leather-clad women fondling him moved away, bowing. I wanted to lash out, to hurt them just for being there. I wanted everyone to pay for what they'd done to him, for what had been done to me.

Touching Steven's side, I wondered why I'd come to him. His drugged presence was doing nothing to assuage me, and he was too out of it to open a portal. I was stuck, and alone, and had no channel for this pain.

Magic stirred when I thought of escape. Dimensional walls stretched and twisted. My heart raced as escape neared. An escape I was making.

~Go, quickly,~ Rhaelgyr's voice whispered. It was filled with relief, and joy, and friendship, and a touch of regret.

I turned, and his gaze was locked on Steven and I, even as his hand delved between Kapeta's thighs. My stomach lurched, and I didn't want to leave him.

~Take him and go.~ With a mental kiss, he once more closed the link.

The bite in my shoulder pulsed, and I winked away with Steven.