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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Betrayed By The Gods book review

Another book review for Absolute Write. (Totally awesome place. Very cool people, and awesome topics. You can learn a lot) DavidZahir - was just before me, and Jackie A - is coming up next. Everyone else is at the bottom.


This time, I'm reviewing Betrayed By The Gods.

When I read the blurb, I knew this would be a book to intrigue me. I have a soft spot for people with dark destinies and gods that needs must be defeated.

Cade has come up with a beautiful world that was new, and unique, and yet completely inspired by the mystic history of our world. The characters are understandable, and easy to relate too, and you come to root for them by the end. Their struggles are brutal, and they all suffer loss, and yet they keep going.

I most enjoyed the world building, and that Cade didn't hold you by the hand to explain terms. She would let the reader feel like a part of the world by assuming the reader also knows what everything is. It was very light-handed in that manner, and there was no sense of patronization as can sometimes come with a unique world.

The ending DID leave me feeling bitter, because it's not exactly a happily ever after. But it is a proper ending, and one that goes with the characters. They won't just be happily ever after, and their sacrifice is how they are. So, in that way, it's a perfect ending.

This is also a quick read. Nothing too deep to make you have to think if you're just looking to be entertained. But I think it's more than just a bit of fluff.


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