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Monday, January 25, 2010

What a week

Last week was awesome. It rained all week long, and when the clouds finally parted, the mountains around the valley were absolutely coated with snow. It was gorgeous. The air was so clear, and you could see all the way across the valley. Which is like 45 miles in some parts.

It was great. It wasn't depressing weather, despite what my old man complained about, and it was chilly and wonderful and all drizzly, and the vistas after the clouds left were inspirational. I wanted to write pages and pages of description, just because it was so awe inspiring.

We don't get much snow here, so it affects me when we do.

I also got my manuscript back to work on some edits this weekend. That was kind of a strange feeling. It still felt like mine, like MY creation, and yet it already felt different, like it was unleashed on the world. Bwahahahahhaa, my wicked creation is getting ready to devour minds. I can't wait!

Making hand-stitched bookmarks to give away for my book. It's fun, but I definitely need practice at it. Still trying to find a good ribbon and thread combination. The ribbon I have right now is tearing apart my pretty thread. I will get it to work out eventually.

I woke up to a wonderful surprise today. My old man had found a great wall paper of the queen Alien all hissy, and the mouth about to come out. Looks more like a queen than a warrior. Anyway, he snuck on to my pc and set it as my background, just because he knew it would make me smile. I log on, and there's a great big monster. I smiled. The little surprises, the ones that take no effort, are so awesome.