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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

I reeled, gasping at what I'd accomplished. I'd traveled through the dimensions, pulling Steven with me. The power was mine, and I didn't know what it had come from.

And yet I did. Rhaelgyr had driven me to such anger that I'd broken out of my bonds, if only a little. I was someone capable of moving through dimensions on my own.

Not that I had time to wonder and puzzle this out. I had to take care of Steven and myself, get us some place safe.

Steven was slumped to the ground beside me, moaning. We were on a cobbled street, lamps glowing creamy yellow at each intersection. There was no moon, and the air was still. Something about the whole place felt familiar, but I didn't recognize it.

The cobble lane was in the middle of a residential area. Thatch-roofed cottages spread around us, unkempt lawns full of weeds and wildflowers. There were no lights or movement inside, and it seemed we were once again in a lifeless realm.

I stooped to my companion, and he flinched when I touch him. "Come on. We need to get up and get inside." The chill was starting to seep into my skin, and I was less exposed than he was. But would he even feel it past Kapeta's drugs?

He clung to me, petting me, writhing against me. Had I been this bad before Rhaelgyr cleaned me up? I tried not to think of the dragon, and led Steven into the closest house.

A sigh escaped me at the warmth as we entered. The ceiling was low, there were only two rooms, but it was cozy. A fire crackled, and hurricane lamps burned steadily on most flat surfaces, though the light didn't escape the windows.

Steven licked the bite on my shoulder as I led him into the bedroom, and I shivered delightedly. "I fixed this," he mumbled, clinging to me as I tried to get him into the bed. "Why's it back?"

"A friend of ours did it to save me." I flushed, thinking once more of the dragon. I hoped he was all right, and even having a good time.

Steven was licking and kissing the bite, wrapping his hands around my waist. "Let me make it all better for my little love. You don't have to let anyone touch you again."

I jerked back, heart racing, and stared at the drugged Chaos Lord. His words made me uncomfortable, and the touch of his healing ki upset me. I didn't want anyone to just decide I needed to be healed of Rhaelgyr's bite, or that I needed to do anything else I didn't choose to do. "I liked him touching me."

Steven's eyes narrowed, anger suddenly replacing the lazy intoxication. "What do you mean, you like it?"

Indignation rose, a flush spreading across my cheeks. Memories came seeping around the blockage, showing me previous times we'd argued. Steven always telling me what to do, telling me how to think, and who I could be with. "You're worse than my father," I hissed. And knew with certainty that it was true.

He chuckled, lounging on the bed, anger dampened for the moment. "Since you're falling back on that old argument, you must be regaining your memories."

My entire soul lurched at his words. Strangers knew more about me than I did. Rhaelgyr had found the block, and I hadn't wanted to acknowledge it, hadn't wanted to imagine I was anything but the carefree agent of the Gray Lords I thought I was.

I was anything but simple.

"What's your part in all this?" Memories were still locked up, but vague impressions flitted through my conscious mind. Steven wasn't directly responsible, but he was involved with my amnesia.

"So you haven't gotten them all back." Steven stroked his flesh, fingering the leather straps. "I'll tell you all about yourself if you just come to my bed."

I trembled. "What the hell happened to you? You were so nice."

He laughed. "There were a few things I forgot about myself. Being nice was just...well, natural at the time."

"And now you're going to be a dick?" I crossed my arms, staring down my nose at him. Steven nodded, smirking. "I wish Rhaelgyr were here," I spat.

The Chaos Lord's jaw tensed. "You fucking whore."