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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

I struggled, whimpering, but Rhaelgyr just held me tight. The red's tongue was rough and forked, and it made my skin crawl, and my gorge rise. My scream died off, and I tried to reach Rhaelgy's mind.

Passion surged between us, my body clenching as the dragon kept biting and feeding on me. He was lost in the moment, clawing at my bare arms, drawing blood. It was almost enough to make me forge the red trying to join in the fun.

Then the other dragon touched my thigh.

~Get him off me!~ I shouted, pressing myself further into Rhaelgyr. He finally heard me, broke out of his little trance, and took us back a step. he continued to bite on my shoulder, his growl rising. I shook and shuddered, pleased ot be away from the other dragon, but starting to want the bite to end.

The red dragon made a show of licking his lips, eyes tracing my figure. "That's a delicious toy you have."

Rhaelgyr snapped then. Throwing me to one side, he lunged for the other dragon. I cried out, dizzy, and watched as claws flashed and snarls rose. People stepped back, avoiding the fight, not wanting to get thrashed themselves. I just bled out, unable to even sit up.

The red dragon was laughing, not taking Rhaelgyr serious. My dragon was changing, gaining scales and claws, ruining his nice clothes. He hissed, teeth bloddy, slashing at the red's face. Blood flew, taking the laughter right out of him.

They snarled and clattered, biting and tearing at each other. The floor thudded as they stomped, and someone screamed as the dragons moved towards the crowd. Neither blew flames, nor fully transformed, and for that I was grateful.

Three big ogres came through the crowd, holding heavy batons. I gave a mental warning, and Rhaelgyr threw the red aside, coming immediately to me. It was amazing how quickly the fight was over.

"Just what is going on here?" a woman asked. Rhaelgyr lifted me to my feet, keeping an arm around my waist. My shoulder throbbed, still bleeding, and my legs trembled. "Well?" asked the tiny woman who came out of the crowd.

"He attacked me," the brawler complained. The green woman looked ludicrously small next to him, and I still stifled a giggle.

She was delicate, naked, with hair that trailed on the floor behind her. Crossing tiny arms, she glared at Rhaelgyr and I.

"He attempted to have my woman without permission," the dragon said. He'd turned back to normal, though still bloody and disheveled. "Then he insulted her."

She sighed. "Arsteno, is this true?"

"I was just licking her." The red, Arsteno, looked chagrined.

"Did you ask him first?" Arsteno shook his head. "Did you notice she's not a pet?" Again, he shook his head. "Then you are at fault. Go upstairs and wait for me while I make up for your foolishness."

The big dragon wandered off, head bowed, and I stared in amazement. Rhaelgyr kept me up, and I let him hold me. It felt good to be in his arms.

~Just the venom. I apologize, but you will go back to normal, given time.~ Rhaelgyr sounded contrite, but there was still lust in his thoughts.

~What's this about pets and your woman?~ That was more important than anything I was feeling right now.

~All the pets are marked. Look at their forheads.~ I saw the sigil marked on a majority of the crowd. ~I only found out once we got here. Meaning you're safe unless I consent.~

~Don't give your consent,~ I plead, watching the little green woman approach.

Rhaelgyr turned to sniff my hair, and he purred. I didn't know elven vocal chords were capable of purring. ~Until that mark heals, you are mine.~

I laughed in our heads. ~What a sweet talked you are.~ Then it was time to deal with the woman.