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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Every time I start to become more balanced about my book (not to say blase...never blase), something comes along to renew my bobblehead excitement.

Tonight, I got my ISBNs. As the title suggests. 8P

*bounces off walls*

It's real. It's official. It's happening. There's no going back, and it's not some weird prank. I'm an author.

*giggles and wiggles and dances*

*does an ISBN dance*

Now, I'm sure when I get the second one published (uber-optimist now!) I won't be quite as excited about something as simple as an ISBN. But tonight, for right now, this is just one more thing to cement how awesome this whole thing is. Those little numbers make this so complete, and that pleases me.

*continues happy dancing*