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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Movies: Daybreakers and Botched

I was keeping a separate blog for movies, but decided to scrap it. As much as I love movies, I'm not a reviewer type person. If I really like or hate something, I might expound upon it. Otherwise, I just give it yay or nay.

So, I watched a bunch of movies this last ten days or so.

Daybreakers was one I've been looking forward to. I love vampire movies, and this one looked kinda neat. Unfortunately, it was kinda lame. Like, pretty lame. Had some very cool concepts, and some great visuals, but failed on many many things. Especially the end. Might have made a great novel, with several hundred pages to really explore what was going on.

Up was pretty damn cool. The animation was lovely, and the story was very touching. I was laughing, and enjoying myself, and even got teary eyed. And laughed and laughed and laughed.

Botched was a random choice from Netflix. The concept sounded neat, and it was. I laughed, and I was caught by surprise, and there was a hawt viking looking guy. Leather and fur, blood, braided blond hair and great blue eyes.....oooh, it touched all my squishy parts. And it was gory, and just neat, and the story was a little trippy.

Lucky also came from Netflix. I thought a talking dog telling an out of work writer to kill people was neat. It was fail. I couldn't get into his pseudo-existential bullshit, and had to turn it off. Blech.