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Friday, January 15, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

"I apologize for Arsteno. We get so few dragons in here that he forgets himself." She bowed. People were slowly returning to their own pursuits, but the three of us were still the center of attention.

"Apology accepted. Our clans aren't exactly known to get along, so a fight was inevitable." Rhaelgyr bowed, and I bowed with him. Dizzyness stole over me, and I nearly collapsed. The dragon held me upright, and I whimpered softly.

"Is she all right>" the woman asked, voice deepening with concern.

Rhaelgyr tried to play it off with a laugh. "Oh yes. Remarking her is a little overwhelming so soon after her first mark." I tried to laugh, and blush, acting like the shy lover.

~Not too much. I like you bold.~ His hand pressed into the small of my back, and I had the sensation of him sniffing me.

"I'm glad she is unharmed. Arsteno gets a little over-zealous at times." We all laughed. "Allow me to invite you to my private rooms. I just acquired some new entertainment that should assuage you."

She looked at us with mossy green eyes, and I was certain she was related to the dryads. There was something covetous in her gaze, and it disturbed me. ~I don't like her,~ I told the dragon.

~Neither do I, but she's talking about Steven.~

I turned to look at Rhaelgyr, face lighting up. "That sounds great. Please, let's go." No amount of trepidation should stop me from getting close to that Chaos Lord.

"If that's what my lady really wishes." He traced the bite on my shoulder, setting nerves a-tingle. ~It's going to get worse for us. I can smell all manner of intoxicants on her~ His hand trembled. ~We're going much deeper than I expected we would.~

"We'd love to come," I said, turning to face our hostess. "I'm Morgan, and this is Rhaelgyr." I offered my hand for a shake, and she stared at it. Obviously not used to that custom.

Rhaelgyr chuckled, and pulled my hand back. His nails were still long and sharp, and he dug them into my wrist. I shivered, biting the inside of my lip. "Don't be strange to our hostess." He nodded to her. "After you."

She bowed, hair swaying around her slender form. "I am Kapeta. This is my den." She turned on the ball of her foot, and lead us to a hidden set of stairs.

~How do you know Steven's up here?~ I remained in his arms, rubbing against him. My nerves were singing as he moved, leather and silk stroking and pinching me. There was a chill in the air as we climbed, and a strong smell. I wondered if it was from the intoxicants Rhaelgyr mentioned.

~She thought about him. Thought about how great you and he would look together while I chewed on you both.~

~That's pretty detailed,~ I whispered, trying to keep the image at bay. It had to be the drugs making me this bad.

~She projects. A lot. Right now, she's wondering what you taste like.~ He growled softly, but Kapeta didn't hear. ~She doesn't get to touch you.~

This was more than defensive; this was outright ownership he was expressing. I wanted to know what was going on. ~Does this bite do anything to you?~

~What do you mean?~ We were nearing the top of the stairs, and Kapeta awaited us on the landing.

~You're acting like I'm your girlfriend, not like you're protecting me.~

Rhaelgyr's hand slid from the small of my back to my ass. ~It marks you as mine. I protect what's mine.~



~Are we going to end up having sex?~
I tried to be humorous, but my knees buckled at the idea of Rhaelgyr mounting me.

~If we stay here, most likely.~

Even my mental voice was breathless. ~If Tessa had been with us?~

We reached the landing, and he turned to face me. Leaning in to take a kiss, mostly for show, the dragon forced my mouth open to his forked tongue. ~I would have lost control and eaten her.~

Kapeta waited for us to finish, then opened the door with a flourish. "Welcome to my little dungeon."

"Oh, great powers," Rhaelgyr whispered, staring at the tableaux. I had to agree with him.