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Friday, February 12, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

Kurlog batted Steven aside, laughing at the younger Chaos Lord. "You still react like a human. You should be past all this."

I had brought Steven to immortality with every intention of showing him the ways of Order. All Setians followed Order, like all dragons followed Chaos. I would never have made him a Chaos Lord.

I'd have never made him a Lord, of Order or Chaos. That origin memory stayed hidden.

"She's my woman, and you hurt her." Steven's voice reverberated, shaking the walls, raining dust from the ceiling. "You must pay." Chaos magic sung in the air, Steven lashing wildly at Kurlog.

The warrior held out his hand, absorbing the power. My breath was stolen as he absorbed the air itself. The cottage started to bow, wanting to collapse around Kurlog. "Have you even asked her about it?" Nice that someone was thinking of me, but I was certain he was only doing it to irk Steven.

"She said she missed me. She wants me." He sounded smug, smirking, power gathering around his hands.

Kurlog laughed, closing his fist. All the magic died, including what Steven had been holding. My shoulder throbbed, and I crawled away from the Chaos Lords. I concentrated on being unseen, on making my way out of their realm. I didn't want to be here while these two duked it out.

The red-head grinned, stalking forward. The ceiling warped around his head, remaining distorted behind him. My heart thundered; I couldn't believe I'd let this man have sex with me. What twisted things could he have done to me if he chose?

"She hates Chaos. Morgan the Gray is too much her father's child. She even let him know where you are." Kurlog glanced in my direction. "He's on his way here right now."

I froze, my guts turned to ice. There was no way I wanted to see my father right now. I knew he was in part responsible for my current state of mind. He could only make this worse, and I wasn't ready for him.

Honestly, I wasn't ready for any of this.

Steven glared, fists clenching. "Is he lying?"

"I have no idea," I snapped back. "I don't even know who I am right now, so back off."

The pair of them were stunned. I was stunned. This anger wasn't like me.

But I didn't know that for sure. The memories I got were of a headstrong girl, determined to do whatever she put her mind to. Nowhere did it show that anger was or wasn't part of my personality.

"Watch your tongue," Steven snapped. Here was the domineering side again.

"Don't tell her what to do," Kurlog growled, his entire body tensing. His aura filled the room, and Steven took a step back. "You don't rule her."

I was surprised by how good I felt to be defended. By a practical stranger. A stranger more than capable of defeating Steven if it came down to it. I wasn't quite able to do that.

I was able to draw in a sense of stability. Solid, steady, this was the power of Order. Neither of them could really touch it, like I couldn't really touch Chaos. The magic filled me, pushing away anxiety and stress, leaving me with only a sensation of warmth and light.

"I'll do whatever I want. And you can leave." Steven's voice dropped an octave.

"That won't be happening. The air hummed, and Kurlog summoned his axe. "But you can try and make me."

I unleashed the power, and slipped from the realm.