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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Poor little raven

Went up to the corner store today, intending to leave some wet cat food for the broken guy.  Forgot the cat food, and decided to buy him a burger.  Yum yum meat.

As we're approaching the McDonald's, we see a pair of ravens circling low over the building and empty fields.  Now, while the grackles and starlings won't bully the big guy (we've seen them sitting, patiently, waiting for him to finish eating something), there's a worry about a mated couple.  They would easily fuck him up if they ever chose.

So we start looking for him, wondering if they've already beaten him up.  The pair keep circling lower, and we find him, staring up and begging like a baby.  I lost it.  He's looked happy and adjusted, and he's just dying to be free and with his own kind.  He isn't happy, he's just been surviving.

By the time we finish buying him his burger, he's moved from the back of the building to a different part of the field, and one of the pair is down on the ground.  My guy is crying and begging, and puffed out and following the one on the ground, and I knew then that these weren't just a pair in the area; these were his parents.  Daddy (that's who I decided was down with him) was loving with him, and walking around.

And then started trying to teach him how to fly.

Daddy would jump, and flap his wings, and look expectant at his son.  The broken child flapped a couple of times, then just walked along the rode.  He knows he can't fly, and isn't trying.

And he's still shy, and won't let anyone approach.  He saw us throwing food, and waited until we'd moved on.  Then he waddled over to eat while his dad watched.

It was amazing to me, that they recognized each other nearly a year later.  And that they still loved each other.  Such beautiful, intelligent creatures.  I don't know if having their bad reputation that's caused everyone to overlook them is a good thing or a bad thing.

Though, I do know it would be a dangerous thing if they ever decided to take over the world.