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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Author Brand

I'm taking a few online classes about promoting.  It was the aspect I never studied when learning how to write.  I was focused more on becoming a good writer than becoming a good salesman/MC.

I've said this before.

One of the things that's coming up again and again is the author brand.  Branding yourself so people know what to expect, and why you're different.

I'm not very good when it comes to answering things like that.  "Tell us about yourself.  Why should we read you?  What's unique about your stories?  Why should I pick you over everyone else?  What are your strengths and weaknesses?"

Those questions just suck.

How do I describe myself, other than saying "I'm just me."  My sister-in-law praised me as being so creative, and so cool.  Both made me blush, because I don't think of myself in those terms.  I'm just me; I prefer my Legolas lunch box to a purse.  I write my stories with my characters, without really thinking about them.

Since there's no conscious effort to be myself, there aren't any easily attainable words to describe me.

One thing I do know about my author brand; I have no desire to be like everyone else.  I very much want to run things as I would, not as an author should.  Like keeping the YouAreAnnoying.Us domain.  Yes, I write because I'm a storyteller, and want others to share my story.  But I don't cater to people, and if someone is bugged by my dark/blunt/me attitude, they're not the kind of people I want reading my work.

Elitist?  Maybe.  But me.

I also don't want to be "professional".  Gods, I hate that word.  It implies so many things to me, like stiff collars and no fun.  I'm going to play video games, and I'm going to swear, and I'm going to hate things.  I'm going to have fun, and I'm going to squee over cuteness, and I'm going to be annoying.

If I didn't do those things, I wouldn't really be myself.  Sure, there's details that don't need to be said in public.  But there's also no reason I should put up a facade just because I'm an author.