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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

No Morgan today

Sorry, my friends.  No Morgan today.  I got swamped with getting promo stuff ready.  Nothing like hand painting a hundred vampire pumpkins.  I painted them all weekend, then folded them, and I spent today (at work) binding them.  Oh, and I signed them in the inside cover.

This is part of my desk at work.  I get to see outside.  And that's one of the MANY Orlando pictures on my desk.

After I got home, I got to do my first really real autograph.  Ahem.  Squeeeeeee!

Uncropped, this is me and Mackey signing the book at my desk.  It was so unreal to hold it in my hands, and see it, and be able to look at what part my friend Lisa was at and know what was coming up.  So different than reading the same book as someone else and getting a glimpse at where they are.  This was...awesome.

So, my first autograph.  Joy.

Now I must make book plates for my long distance friends.

So, forgive me.  Morgan will be back next week.  I need this week to recover and get caught up.  No permanent hiatus.

And here's some bonus pictures!

Shiao and Mackey say hi.

Yes, that's a queen Alien on my desktop.