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Friday, April 23, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

The Galdonian was dead, and the clan was pleased.  Rhaelgyr was a hero.  He released the memory, and we came back to reality.

I was still craddled in the dragon's arms, comfortable and relaxed.  Caught in his gaze, our spirits still sparked against each other.  This was a nice place to be.

Rhaelgyr said nothing, just stared at me from beneath half-closed eyes.  He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, and I flushed.  "Hero of the clan," I murmurred.

He looked away, stiffening.  "Not when it counted."

I rose to my knees, laying a hand over his heart.  "What about that fight you just showed me?  Didn't that count?"

The dragon kept his eyes averted.  "I let Falyra down."  Rhaelgyr's voice was a soft whisper, laced with pain.

How could he be this mopey?  Grabbing his chin, I jerked his face toward me.  "You saved everyone else.  You helped me.  I'm probably not the first person ou've helped."

He couldn't meet my gaze.  The loss of Falyra was too painful.  I helped him put the memories away the only way I could think of.

I kissed him.

Rhaelgyr froze, but didn't resist me.  I continued kissing him, straddling him, running fingers through his long hair.  I moaned, sliding my tongue into his mouth.

I was breathing heavily when I broke the kiss.  "Let's forget everything else tonight.  Let's just be together."  I leaned in to kiss his neck.

The dragon sighed, sliding his hands up my hips.  "I don't want to hurt you," he said between kisses.

"I can handle a little pain."  I licked his ear lobe.

"I don't want you to get attached."

Laughing, I bit his neck hard, drawing a gasp.  "We can just have sex, silly."  Biting his neck again, I reached for the laces of his shirt.

Rhaelgyr gave no further resistance.  He gave me his neck, helping me undress him.  His breath was ragged, and he moaned in my ear.  I tingled all over, shivering, writhing in his lap.

The dragon's forked tongue met mine, and I wondered what exactly I was up to.  Why was I doing this?  Rhaelgyr clenched a hand in my hair, and every nerve responded to his touch.  I moaned softly, and he rolled me to my back.

This was why I was doing this; because it was dangerous and different.  Because Rhaelgyr was dragon, and had no love for me.  This would be enjoyment only.

Baring my neck to him, I slid hands under his shirt.  Rhaelgyr's skin was like suede; soft and supple, but different than my own skin.  Would it welt like normal skin?  I scratched his chest, wanting to know.

He hissed, biting my shoulder, leaning back, eyes narrowed.  Rhaelgyr pulled me robe apart, and I tingled.  With more daring than I expected, I reached up to tear his shirt open.

The dragon held still, letting me examine him.  His chest was tight and muscular, criss-crossed with scars.  Dark blue nipples tightened as I stared, and I couldn't help but smile.

"Oh my," was all I could say.  Rhaelgyr smiled, revealing pointy teeth, and fell on me.