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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weekly wrap up

*grumbles*  This was supposed to go up last week.

This week was a little bleaurgh.  Haven't been sleeping well, so I've been really lethargic and snappy.  It's annoying. to say the least.

I have gotten some writing done, so I don't feel it's a total waste.  Did accidentally post Morgan Chronicles out of order.  Have made some headway on the rewrites for my sequel.  Got a couple more guest blogs set up.  And am going to be a featured author (I'll post again when it goes live) at the beginning of May.  Huzzah for Beltane.

Not bad there.

Still need to do some revamping on my site and blog.  And to do something with my named url.  I haven't touched that since I bought it.

Always on the lookout for more reviewers or people to let me come guest blog.  I've decided that I'm going to start posting short stories on most of the blogs I visit.  I read somewhere about another author doing that, and I really liked the idea.  I mean, I'm a writer, and I'm pretty decent at it (someone compared me to Charlaine Harris), but I don't feel like I'm a teacher.  So, instead of writing things about "the bis", I want to do what I do best; tell stories.

And I figure it's a better way to get strangers to read my work, than to just jump up and down crying "read my book!"

Getting closer to my birthday.  Less and less time to enter my contest to win autographed book copies.

Going to a friend's wedding next week.  Still haven't bought the gifts.  That's the hardest part of a friend who's already been married and is older; they have everything already.  >.<