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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Guest writer

So, a lot of times when I stop wanting something, that's when I get it.

Like yesterday.  I said I wasn't going out of my way to promote any more, that I was just going to write, and let that be my marketing plan.  Joe Konrath talks about it all the time; get your name out as much as you can.  Keep writing, and show people you're worth purchasing.

But I got word from a site I'd signed up to guest post on in January.  The current guest bailed, and she had an opening.  So, I jumped on it.

Once I'd stopped waiting, an opportunity arose.  I love that.

So, I'm up on Patricia Pellicane's site.  She has some neat free reads up, and I read a couple of her excerpts in her newsletter.  Check out her stuff as well.