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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another guest spot, and some movies

Yay, another guest blog.  Huzzah!  Stop by Zahir's Night-Tinted Glasses, and read my short story "Said the rattlesnake".  You should enjoy it.

In other news, I watched a whole bunch of movies this week.

[REC 2] was very good.  Better than the first one.  And both are way better than the American version, Quarantine.  By an extra few minutes of footage, [REC] was so good.  Because it explained what was going on.  Amazing.  [REC 2] makes the camera almost into a character all by itself.  And the ending....oh, how I loved the ending.

Unthinkable was also a movie with a great ending.  Nice and controversial, and makes you think a bit.  Loved how the characters played out.  You're left wondering who the real bad guy is.  At least, if you're like me, you do.

A Single Man was pretty interesting.  Character driven movie, with some very interesting choices made for the cinematography/directing.  The majority of the movie is a little desaturated, until the character was thinking about something that brought him out of his funk; then the colors sigh in, and it becomes vibrant.  It was brilliant.

Doctor Who continues to be awesome.  I loved this weeks episode with Vincent van Gogh.  (On the British schedule, that is.)  It was touching, without being sappy.