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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

Kurlog laughed, tossing his head back.  He wasn't angry yet; clearly he thought my father was beneath him.  "Can't you just accept she hates you?"  He kept laughing.

Besedie was growing furious, and the room was almost broiling.  "My relationship with my daughter is none of your business.  You are to take care of the whelp and nothing else."

Steven stayed low, making his way to Rhaelgyr and the guard.  ~What are you doing?~ I asked, sitting up.  Things were about to go bad, so I should be ready for it.

~Gonna get lover boy up, if I can.~  His outline seemed to blur, making him really hard to look at.

~Why would you do that?~

Steven paused, meeting my eyes.  ~Because he means something to you.~

What surer sign of love and rationality did I need?  Besedie was all about ruling me.  Steven was helping a rival because I liked the dragon.  Rising, I kept my attention on the arguing men.

"You can give me to her, or I'll just take her."  Kurlog crossed his arms, one eyebrow cocked disdainfully.

"How do you propose to do that?"  Sweat beaded my skin, heat shimmers dancing above the furniture.  "She certainly won't go with you willingly."

Kurlog turned his gaze to me.  "I have my ways."

Magic stirred, nipping at my senses.  In the hot air, it only served to irritate me.  I glared back at Kurlog, fists clenched, guarding against whatever he was up to.

The energy focused on my shoulder.  The old wound ached, and a hint of the parasite wiggled in my veins.  The warrior frowned, thick eyebrows almost touching.  "Where is it?" he murmured.

I laughed, relaxing.  The temperature returned to normal as my father's anger was dispelled.  The guard edged toward Kurlog, unaware of Steven.  The giant warrior just stared, trying to contain his frustration.  "Rhaelgyr took your little pet out of me.  Did you really only just now notice?"

The taunt was too much for Kurlog.  He roared, throwing himself at me.  Besedie tried to physically stop him, and was bowled over.  Nothing was going to stop the brute.

Except me.

I summoned a shield of power, putting an invisible wall between Kurlog and I.  He slammed hard into it, jangling my nerves as his aura interacted with the shield.  It held, and I remained focused.  I even managed a smile.

"Letting you take sexual pleasure from me is nothing.  Even carrying your parasite is nothing."  Kurlog's eyes glowed with his rage.  "You are nothing, and I won't do a single thing you want."

~Morgan, now!~  Steven tugged on me mentally, sharing his plan with me in the time it takes a neuron to spark.

Sneering at Kurlog, I let the awakened human take us all away.