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Saturday, July 10, 2010

How awesome is my bird

Wednesday was D&D night, so our friend Mark was over.  Aleister is wary of new people, and though Mark has been over many times, my bird still isn't on friends level with him.

We're all eating creamsicles, and Aleister has a thing for popsicle sticks.  They're fun to break up and slowly chew.

Mark finishes his, and I suggest he give his stick to the bird, especially since they're sitting right next to each other.  Aleister gets excited and edgy at the same time; he wants the stick, but it's from a non-friend.  So he takes the stick in his foot, but won't take it in his beak.  He's holding it, pinning his little eyes, and just waiting for Mark to let go.

Soon as Mark lets go, Aleister throws the stick to the ground.

Roommate picks up the stick, gives it to Aleister, who then settles down to chew it up.  My friend got punked by a bird.  And Aleister did it to him again later, though not as drawn out.  Just immediately threw it down.

I love my birdy.