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Friday, July 9, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

I didn't give myself time to dwell.  I stepped through dangerously unstable walls, entering the main dimension.  Vertigo drove me to my knees, and I thought I was going to pass out.

A wave of spiritual screams brought me back to myself.  Kneeling, I looked around, trying to get my bearings.

An angry wound dominated the area before me.  Blue sky, green crops, distant mountains, and a lush forest were distorted by the warps and cracks of the pocket realm.  Animals fled, but humans let their curiosity bring them closer.  They gathered at the edge of the field, in awe of the display.

None of them realized how dangerous this was.  Didn't seem like any of them cared.  One would think mortals would have a greater sense of self preservation.

The cracks spread with a squealing sound.  Sunlight dimmer, and a chill wind blasted out.  People gasped, pulling back, finally becoming aware of the danger.

I frowned, seeing the translucent figures of Besedie and Steven in the clearing.  The walls were growing even thinner.  Time was of the essence, and I didn't know where to start my plan from.

It suddenly seemed laughable that I was going to lock them away.

Pushing the doubts away, I prepared myself.  I could do this.  I woulc do this, and save this world.  My father had somehow created the pocket realm, so I could do the same.  The concept was sound; I just needed to find a way to enact it.

Humans started screaming, and I ignored them.  I needed to focus, needed to get a good grasp on the situation.  Letting my senses expand, I sought the edges of the pocket.  Once I had its scope, I could try to figure out how weak it was, how immediate the danger was.

As new energy buffeted me, I guessed the danger was imminent.

Besedie's stasis still held, and that was the only thing keeping that realm together.  Having pulled apart his shield recently, I was ready to make my own, and reinforce the walls.  Taming the energy would take extreme effort, but it could buy time to close it off entirely.

Pulling in the power was like trying to grab a raging river.  It kept ripping out of my control, taking personal energy with it.  Shivering, I started slower.  Gather a few strands of energy at a time.  Amounts I could handle, that wouldn't be able to escape.

It worked.  Energy came easier as I drank it in.  The taming affect was exponential; within a few heartbeats, I had control of everything I needed.  Working quickly but thoroughly, I erected a shield.

Relief flooded me when my stasis field joined Besedie.  The tears in the walls were still there, but the merging was held in place.  It wasn't going to complete and come crashing down.

Unless someone stepped through dimensional walls.  Like the approaching dragon.