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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

I grew with my senses, expanding beyond the fight, beyond the hamlet, even beyond the dimension.  A pocket realm of a larger dimension, this little town was stuck in time, lifeless and forgotten.  Surely a byproduct of my father's rage.

Outside this little pocket we battled in lay the rest of the human planet.  The whole world we'd run, full of mortals, and wild animals, and all the myriad life forms on a planet.

pausing, letting myself take them in, I wondered at how content they seemed.  They felt no worries about the universe, or the affairs of the Immortals.  They had their families, and their working lives, and that was all they needed.  For the briefest moment, I envied them.

Until I saw the cracks in the sky.  Sharp and jagged, they pulsed with dark light.

My heart sank.  The fight between Besedie and Steven was damaging the dimensional walls.  Magic bled into the living world, threatening the existence of everyone on it.  As if I didn't have enough reason to stop them

Returning to my body, I was amazed by what I found.  Abject destruction didn't begin to describe it.  Smoking ruins lay beside spears of crystal.  Platforms of earth hung in the air, rotating in place as they slowly shattered.  Sunlight lanced through clouds of dirt and debris.

And still they raged.

Steven swooped and dived, laughing as he bombarded my father with attacks.  Besedie stood in the middle of the lane, eyes closed, his entire body rigid as he riposted each of the Chaos Lord's bursts.

It was obvious the dimensional walls were ripping.  Putrid cracks filled the sky here, and translucent figures moved through the clearing.  Temperature fluctuated, and wind whistled without disturbing anything.

If they joined the main dimension, they'd destroy the entire planet.

Pulling all the energy into myself wouldn't help; it was too disturbed by their actions for that.  The energy was so torn up, I doubted I could even use it for myself.

The ground trembled and split.  More debris rose, and chunks of the earth began floating free.  Gravity was losing its hold, becoming meaningless.

Neither of them noticed.  they were in a battle to the death, focused only on each other.  If this realm collapsed, they'd probably still be fighting.

The best way to stop them might be to do just that.

My heart sank, and I knew that needed to be done.  I'd have to lock them here, cut off the realm from the rest of the dimension.

But could I really sacrifice Steven for a bunch of humans?