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Monday, August 30, 2010

The Last Exorcism

Went and saw The Last Exorcism last night.  I really enjoyed it.  It was fairly intelligent, paced well, and had an AWESOME ending.  Absolutely loved the ending.

Though, you couldn't tell by the reactions of the older teens that were there.  That wouldn't shut up.  That were too busy being stupid and loud to properly enjoy it.

It reminded me a lot of Rec and Rec 2.  The pacing, the horror, the creepiness.  The way the camera was used like people documenting weird things would happen.  Like running through a wood, and the camera's hanging at their side.

Only drawback, and I'd allowed myself to forget this; those style movies invoke motion sickness in me unless I'm far enough back to see the edges of the screen.  It's been so long since I saw Blair Witch, and I've seen several movies in that style at home, I didn't even think about it when we naturally migrated to the third row.

And I almost threw up in the last twenty minutes of the movie.  Made it pretty hard to sit still for the conclusion.  But I did.  Somehow I even managed to get home without losing it.

Rewatched The Expendables.  I still really like that movie.  It's like an 80s action flick grew up, and realized things had been rough in that decade.  So it's trying to do one redeemable thing.  Much like the plot of the movie.  And the action was spot-on fantastic.  Love it.