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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Muse Online Writing Conference

So, the actual conference is really for writers.  Sorry, my reader friends, probably not much for you.

I'm talking about Muse because I'm going to be doing a workshop there.  My publisher gets a whole forum to themselves, apparently, and I'm going to be putting up a lecture. 

It was interesting to have to stop and think about what I could teach about writing.  I mean, I'm so new to publishing, and "how it's done", but I've been writing forever.  I just never think of myself as a teacher, or having anything I didn't just learn from observation and reading other people's tips.

Finally came up with the idea of the Mary Sue In Us All.  Because I think the best characters are the ones where the authors really put themselves into the book, not just record the actions of some players.

So now I have to actually come up with a whole lecture, and get it ready.  Sounds pretty awesome.  I mean, I'll be at my first conference, doing my first workshop, reaching out to other people.

I love being an author.