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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More on reviewing

So I set up my messages around the web this weekend, looking for reviewers for my book.

Got chided about the RWO PRO boards for self-promoting.  Was hoping to get some answers from fellow authors, but apparently that's self-promotion.  *shrug*

Heard from a fellow writer on the AW boards that she had a review take eight and some months.  Phew!  Not for the impatient is this career.

Did get a link to Night Owl Reviews from Maggie Jaimeson.  She also looked for reviews about All Hallows Blood, so that made my day.  Put a smile on my face, thinking that this isn't just a crazy lonely world.

(One of the Amazon reviews on my book says the cover is stupid.  I applauded.)

Also decided that I'm going to do my first self-publishing foray as an anthology.  So I'm going to dust off some old stories, polish them up, and put them out.  Look for that!

And for great advice about promoting self-publishing, there was this article about marketing your novel.  I went and joined Ellen's group and everything.  Which also means I got back into Facebook, a bit.  Even created my own group.  Seems a little egotistical.

Though, a friend did tell me that as artists, we should enjoy our ego.  Maybe I could learn something from him.