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Monday, August 2, 2010

Want a review copy?

Months and months have passed since All Hallows Blood came out.  And I sent out a bunch of review copies, and haven't gotten a darn one back.

This makes me a grumpy Raven.

So I'm taking things in a different direction.  I'm going to go past the reviewers, and go straight to the readers.  And fellow authors.

To do so, I'm giving out review copies of my book.  I'll send you an electronic copy, and all I ask is that you review and post about the book.  Amazon review, blog, links, word of mouth.  Recommend it to your coworkers.  Let it be known, so that this storyteller can feel she's reaching people.

In return, I can review your book, or promote your site, or just be your friend.  Whatever appeals to you most.

Contact me, and let's get this word of mouth started!