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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Quick Wednesday update

First, I've been sick the last day and a half.  Spent almost all day in bed sleeping yesterday.  When I wasn't sleeping, I was watching Dexter.  I'm glad I finally started watching it, though it would have been nice if I could have sat up.

Second, I made my way out of bed today to a very awesome review at Happily Ever After Reviews.  If there ever comes a time when I don't squee and get bobble-headed (I should probably explain this term) over a review, someone jab me with something sharp.

Third, I created my Facebook fan page.  Though, my brain was not into much, so I didn't do a whole lot to it at this point.

Fourth, I hate being sick.  I was asked if anyone liked being sick, and I said hypochondriacs and Munchausen by proxy people probably do. 8P