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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Surprise sicknesses throw off schedules

So annoying.  Got sick Monday night, completely out of no where.  So sick I had to miss a couple of days of work.  Spent Tuesday in bed, sleeping.  Lots of sleep.

This also means my writing got really behind.  Barely managed anything this week, and that's almost as frustrating as being sick.  (I hate being sick)

But this month is passing really quickly.  Almost to the Muse Conference.  Almost to October, when I'm going to give away a bunch of copies of my books.

One sadly amusing thing I did hear when I got back to work: "So, do snakes, like, poop?"  I was almost ashamed for the state of general knowledge.  Do snakes poop.  Really now.  Really?


  1. I hope you are feeling better Raven! I hate being sick too.And you can darn sure bet that the four kiddos will get whatever I have. Lovely I assure you. I hate to see the little ones suffer with head colds or stomach flues. Not fun!

    Have you caught up on some writing?

    As for the snake question you heard at work,...are you for reals? Oh well, you always need fodder for the less fortunate characters in writing!

  2. Feeling much much better. Was mostly done with it by Friday. Then had a nice renewing weekend. So feeling a lot better.

    I didn't get sick a lot as a kid. But my brother and I were always sick at the same time. Made it a little easier to take care of us.

    I did finally get caught up on some writing. Joy!

    And yes, I really did get asked if snakes poop. I just don't know if I can make a character that ignorant.


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