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Friday, November 19, 2010

#FridayFlash Karl the wulfen - 3

The man didn't hear Karl, his attention focused on the magazine he held.  Powerful muscles bunched, propelling the wulfen forward, a snarl erupting from him.

Karl was upon the guard before the man looked up.

They tumbled to the ground, Karl nimbly remaining on top.  The hunter screamed, bringing his hands up to protect his face.  Fangs shredded fabric and tore flesh, sinking all the way to the bone.  Blood filled his mouth, and Karl growled happily.

The screams, the blood, the tension all combined to send him into a frenzy.  Wulfen were precariously balanced; they sought calm, yet blood and violence quickly overwhelmed them.  They avoided situations that might cause them to lose control, but this was something Karl needed.

His frenzy wasn't entirely a fugue state.  He was aware of every mouthful of flesh, of every severed blood vessel and cracked bone.  The man's screams became burbling moans, his struggles weakening.  Karl continued to savage him, ripping the human apart.

The blood had cooled by the time Karl came back to himself.  His fur was soaked in gore, and he ached with weariness.  There was too much to do to give in to sleep, so he remained moving.

After a roll in the dirt to clean up, Karl changed back to his human form.  Even though he was naked, he didn't feel the chill in the air.  Staring at the dead hunter, he gritted his teeth.  He should have questioned him, should have left him alive, but he hadn't.

Sometimes being passionate and wild was a drawback.

Karl rifled through their trucks.  Silver ammo, more weapons, food, spare clothes, but no identification.  He dressed and fed himself, then took another pass searching through the trucks.

And found a vehicle registration in a glove box.  Karl smiled, now armed with a lead.