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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Writing sequels

I've been a little behind on everything because of annoying little spirits.  Bad things, keeping me away from my work.  But now they're eaten, and leaving me alone.  Joy!

I'm working on a couple sequels right now.  One is the sequel to All Hallows Blood, of course.  Saint Valentine's Clash is looking good. 

I'm also writing a sequel to my short story Necro.  (It's the first story in stories with bite o,.,o )  When I first wrote it, my beta-reader was longing for more.  She thought the story should have been so much longer, with lots and lots more to it.  And now I'm making that.

Of course, she also wants a follow up to The Opening.  Said the ending left her all jaw-dropped and immediately wanting to know what happened next.  Squeed and plead with me to make more.

That longing is a fantastic feeling; people wanting more because they liked it so much.  Not because I didn't give them enough for their investment.  But because my seed has blossomed in them.

I don't plan sequels to my short stories.  I often write them to be little snippets, purposely dynamic and without a hard end.  Makes the world seem more alive, and will let you make up what you want to happen next.  I definitely planned sequels for Keila and Varick to adventure through, but I've tried to make sure each story arc was complete within one novel.

Though, I have developed a couple of underlying plots to tie multiple books together.  Uber bad guys pulling the strings are awesome.

So, look forward to those.