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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving all.  Happy belated Thanksgiving to the Canadians.

This month has flown by, in a year that has flown by.  So very strange.  Especially the changes I've gone through that seem like they happened longer ago.

So, on this day of thanks, let me say what I'm thankful for.  Not necessarily in the order of thankfulness or importance.

I'm thankful for my family.  I need their support and love.  I'm thankful to have my husband, because we've spent too many years apart, and we need each other like nothing else.

Thankful for having a job, and not having to worry where tomorrow's meal will come from.

Thankful for fans and readers and supporters.  Finally being a published storyteller is amazing.

Thankful just to be alive, and to see the wonders of the world.