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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Down with all non-vampire #vampires

At Embrace the Shadows, Robyn Bachar was talking about paranormal romance vampires that aren't really vampires.  She said if there aren't fangs and blood, it just loses her.  (Paraphrasing.)

I whole-heartedly concur with her.  I don't care how romantic or non-monstrous a vampire is, so long as he's still biting.  The feeding and biting is as important as the caring for his woman.

Yes, I've said this before.  And I'll probably say so again.  And again.  And again.  Until I gather up an army of like-minded readers who all cry for the fangs to come back.

Sex is great, and all, but I don't really need yet another immortal guy who can screw really well.  But if he bites, and drinks blood, and has hard fangs to pierce deeply, then he's perfect.  There doesn't even have to be traditional sex, because the bite is more than enough.

Where are the rest of you?  Who else likes vampires for that dark ecstasy?  Stand up and be counted.