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Friday, January 28, 2011

#FridayFlash - Burning Times

Something short, sweet, and to the point.  Submitted it to IndieInk but it hasn't been randomly selected yet.  You get to enjoy it now.


The lesser clerics were in awe of the prisoner.  Robert knew it was another of the Devil’s tricks she used.  Even if he found her healing remarkable, as head of the Church’s hunters, he could never show it.

The prisoner in question strode tall between her guards, giving no sign of the punishment she’d endured during the last two weeks.  Bruises had faded within hours, broken bones repaired overnight.  The brightness of her eyes never dimmed, and she was never less than proud and full of spirit.

Robert had a grudging respect for the devilspawn.  She’d fought them at every step, and two of his inquisitors were in the infirmary.  Only the threat of flames had quelled her.

The villagers watched, murmuring amongst themselves.  They liked this woman, yet had done nothing to hide her.  Robert’s unease increased as the village grew quiet, the devilspawn mounting the pyre.  She was tied to the post, and smiled up at the sun.

He approached the pyre, torch in hand.  “This be your last chance to repent.”  The reek of oil burned his nose.

She kept her eyes closed, face to the sun.  “Your fire will merely set me free.”

Robert frowned.  The unrepentant heathen had spoken the same phrase over and over since cleansing fire had first been mentioned.  He gritted his teeth, thrusting the brand into the waiting tinder.  “Return to Hellfire.”

Flames roared, rapidly coming to life on the pyre.  Smoke billowed, and the prisoner began laughing.  Fire encroached on her feet, licking at her thin dress, and she laughed harder.  Robert glared, wishing she’d drowned when dunked.

Wood creaked, and another roar came.  Not from the fire, but from an animal throat.  The crowd genuflected, and a monstrous winged shape rose from the pyre.

“God in Heaven” Robert whispered as the dragon took flight.  She’d been telling the truth.