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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Random things I've learned in the last few days

One thing I've learned: I miss my Twitter friends.  Seriously.  Not being able to talk to them, and chat, and read very short stories has been quite lame.  Next week will be entirely different.  The VIP at work will be gone, and I can go back to my normal phone usage.  Good thing he doesn't notice us working on our work computers. o,.,o

Another thing: my cat hates my new body wash.  It's raspberry, the way I prefer scented things, but it smells a little more like candy than I prefer.  And it has shea butter.  No biggie to me and the husband, but apparently it offended Mackey.  I was petting him after my shower, and he sniffed, then hauled off and bit me.  Wouldn't let me pet him until the scent faded.  Silly cat.

Also: girl ferret, Temerity, like to bite elbows to get your attention so you'll play with her.  She also likes to play tug-of-war with cloth, and shakes her little head to "kill" it.  Wearing long sleeves over elbows equals adorable little pains, as my husband found out.  She kept trying to tug on his elbows, and we were laughing too hard to think it anything but playful.

Fourth: I have a new word to add to my favorite lists.  Logocide: the destruction/murder of words.  So bloody cool!  It's right up there with tmesis for me.

Fifth: burst water pipes are lame.  Especially when your husband tries to fix them, and they start spewing water again.  At least I got my shower in.  Not that the rest of the household did.  Poor guys.

Really, I just needed to talk to my friends.  So that's the cause for the randomness.  What random things have y'all been up to?