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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Guest post - Jodi Langston

Welcome indie author Jodi Langston, with some good advice for all authors.


I think whether indie or traditionally published, it seems like some find overnight success because all we see is the end result…slowly we hear the story behind that success. I think for most of us, success will be slow and will be an uphill battle, riddled with self-doubt and naysayers. One of my favorite quotes is by Genghis Kahn…that which does not kill us makes us stronger.

Self-publishing, like life, is about picking yourself back up, dusting yourself off and moving forward, past the one star reviews and slow sales. My journey started in mid-September 2010 and it has been up and down, but I am determined not to give up.

There are wonderful people and resources out there to help you on your journey, so use them. Social networking through Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and various other sites is necessary to get your name and your work out there. Be helpful to your fellow writer and it will come back to you in loyalty and favors returned. I try to be subtle in my marketing, if one can be, and have joined various group that cross-promote each other. I find being the shy writer, this is very helpful. It is often easier to promote someone else’s work. I joined Independent Author Network and have been pleased with the cross-promoting that goes on. It’s difficult to try and write and promote your work so having others help you in that process, by keeping your name out there, is invaluable!!

Try to connect with people through other passions in your life as well. I enjoy photography and post my pictures on various sites.  I have plans to sell the scripts I’ve written based on my novels, so I have branched out into screenwriting venues to promote my scripts and never know! I read a blog the other day where one well-placed tweet led to thousands in sales.

Value yourself and the time you have put into your work. Like so many things in life, you get out of self-publishing what you put into it. My sales aren’t monumental but I am seeing a steady increase each month. I have made it to #12 at Amazon in romantic suspense and the top 100 in several other categories. Amazon rankings are fluid and always changing.

If you want something in this life badly enough, you will have to fight for it.  I’m a fighter and I’m here to stay!

Best of luck!
Jodi Langston