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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Some movies that really worked

I've watched quite a few movies since the last time I talked about them.  Maybe I should be better about that.  Maybe.

Black household must be some of the only people to not like this movie.  I honestly think without the masturbation and lesbian scenes, this movie would not be making the impact it is.  To me, there really could have been so much more done with the madness, and descent.  The obsession and insanity and the strangeness ballet dancers go through should have been played with more.  More wondering if she's seeing things, and why she's breaking, and the depths to which she'll go.

True Grit was awesome.  I didn't even realize Matt Damon was in it until the end credits.  (I didn't see the opening credits).  Probably one of his best roles.  And the actress was phenomenal.

The Warrior's Way, if I hadn't mentioned it, is awesome.  Like a great big live-action anime.  So, just my style.

We also got a Netflix stream-only account, and so I've been watching a lot of random movies, and old ones I'd never seen.

Isolation sounds like it's a stupid movie; genetically engineered cows are turning into monsters.  Even though the description on netflix was lame, I put it on for background noise anyway.  And was surprised by how fun and brutal it was.  There was a genetically engineered cow monster, but the movie was more about the characters dealing with it than a rampaging monster.  And the end was great.

Boy Eats Girl is a funny zombie movie, that really works.  I don't know what to say, other than watch it.

Then there was Outcast.  I liked the movie, but only because I started filling in the back story myself.  There was blood magic, and monsters, and non-humans, and a hunter, but so very little is explained.  If I hadn't been making up my own story with it, it would have been very not good.  As it was, it was only meh.  It did make me want to write my own version of it.