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Monday, March 28, 2011

#books 30 Pieces of Silver, Brood of the Witch-Queen

I still haven't been reading as much lately. I'm actually behind on a couple books I was supposed to read for reviewing. So only three books right now.

30 Pieces of Silver by Carolyn McCray was part of the Indie Book Collective's Bestseller for a Day promotion. I have some really really mixed feelings on the book. None of them are about the religious aspects. It was all the writing that caused this conflict. I liked the concept, and I loved the slow reveal of the history. I didn't like the forced feeling of the fast-paced adventure, and the typos killed me. The entire book struck me as a Dan Brown knock-off, with less polish. But the big reveal was good, and I liked the way the characters dealt with it. Mixed and torn is the only way to describe my recommendation; try it, but know you might not like it either.

Brood of the Witch-Queen by Sax Rohmer is an old book. Something like a hundred years old. And it was very enjoyable, in a slightly archaic way. Not that the language was too much, or anything, but that the difference between good and evil was very clear cut. Good will always triumph, and all that. But even with the moral simplification, the adventure was still fun, and the magic pretty cool. It was a refreshing read, and worth the time.

What a Demon Wants by Kathy Love was quick to get through, and while mostly fun, the ending was too short and disappointing. Big parts of the conflict and plot depended on the main characters misunderstanding each other and making assumptions and not talking to each other. The sex wasn't even hot enough to recommend it for erotic reasons. I found the whole thing rather meh.