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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Delightful feeding zones of #vampires

Vampirism is hotter than sex to me. The biting and feeding and passion are phenomenal. There's such dependence and trust between the partners, and it really riles me up. Which is part of why I write vampires; then I can play out some of the complex blood taking scenes going on in my head.

One thing that doesn't get talked about much is feeding spots. Let's discuss, shall we?

Neck - This one is kind of obvious. The most common feeding spot. Attractive in length and slenderness, it isn't given enough credit as a feature of beauty. Someone turns their head, and tendons and veins stand out, begging to be nibbled. Little hollows above and between the collarbones. So close to kissable lips, the perfect shape to fit in your teeth.

Wrists - So many lovely blood vessels pass through these joints.The inner skin sensitive, laced with little blue veins. The charming ulna bump guarding the border of hand and arm. Slender or strong, they are can be used to pin a person or set them free. With an arm's length between you and your lover, you can watch their face light with pleasure when you sip.

Inner elbow - The tender skin in the middle of the arm is just like biting into a peach; soft and giving, full of juice. One can nestle in for a long feed, teasing nerves with tongue, drinking from a strong vein.

Groin - Not the genitals of your lover, but that crook between them and inner thigh. The tendon there begs to be clenched between your teeth, holding you back from the femoral artery. Nerves cluster there, and your cheek will touch their sex. Hot and full of life, few places have quite the flavor of this secret place.

Where else do vampires feed that doesn't get enough attention?