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Sunday, May 15, 2011

One of my hobbies

I'm a creative person, and that extends past my writing. My mom encouraged me to have hobbies and to do things from when I was a wee thing, and it's stuck with me.

Embroidery and crochet are some of my textile hobbies. And I love painting miniature gaming figures. But those will have to come up in a different post.

<--- These are some shoes I hand painted and have up for sale on my Etsy.

Why did I start painting shoes? Because a pair of shoes I wanted never got made, so I never got to have them. Instead of settling for something else, I decided to make my own. Then I could have exactly what I wanted, and it would be unique.

Fun stuff, huh?

So I turned my comfy Airwalks into walking pieces of art. Eye catching and different, they certainly stand out.

It's also something I can be commissioned to do. Check out the custom shoes in my Etsy for more details.