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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Good news, everybody.

Thursday, my snake decided to let himself out of his cage. He wanted to make sure I knew he was hungry.

I found out about it just as I was walking out the door to go to work. So no time to look for himself myself.

Thankfully my husband is quite good at finding reptiles. Found my munchkin in the spare room in an old speaker box.

My cat was acting quite antsy. Which I took to mean he might have eaten Flash. My cat loves reptiles, and the snake isn't too big for him yet. Even though Flash is big enough to bite and draw blood. And on my way to work, while I was feeling very guilty about not having kept the rock on top of my snake's cage, I realized I didn't want to know if my cat had eaten my snake. And I told my husband this, and he completely understood. If he HAD found a corpse, he was never going to tell me. He'd have allowed me to believe my snake escaped through the garage, and was living in one of the open fields nearby.

And then in a few weeks, he would have gotten me this other Kingsnake I like.

It's refreshing to have someone who understands that I didn't want that kind of resentment towards another of my pets, and would have hidden the body willingly.

And that night, I fed him three baby rats, and he was STILL trying to get out. A few years old, and he's suddenly in a non-stop growth spurt. He would eat daily if I allowed it.