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Monday, July 11, 2011

Guest Post - Dominique Eastwick

Here's another guest post. Enjoy, my friends.

Where did that muse go…

So I have to admit that this week, I have a case of major writers block. Not only with my
Novel writing but also with my blog. Nothing seemed interesting nothing seemed to flow
and nothing and I mean nothing seemed to fill this sheet of paper with ideas.

I guess this week for me my muse started celebrating Memorial day early and had a beer
too many so forgot where to find me. I can except that I suppose we all need a vacation
now and then. But it really would have been nice if she had left me a replacement for the
week so that I could have accomplished something. I have sat at this computer day after
day and walked away feeling confused and frustrated.

So what did I do about it? I sat down with a few of my favorite Historical Writers and
hoped that that would bring the muse out? IT DIDN’T but I did enjoy rediscovering why
I love Historical romances so much.

First there is innocence about them, 99% of the time the heroine is innocent. I love the
awakening that happens in Historicals, the way the Rake or Rogue takes there time
bringing out the inner temptress in her. I write erotica this is my way of getting away.

Second the Hero is usually larger then life the supreme Alpha male in need of a strong
woman (He just doesn’t know it yet)

Third I am a sucker for History.(Not that anyone who has read one of my blogs would be
surprised by this)

So now I think I will curl up with a few new authors I have been meaning to read, and
hope there muse will take over for mine.

Happy Summer to all and if someone sees my muse please tell her to lay off the Beer and
come home.