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Monday, August 29, 2011

Buck-toothed #vampires

I love True Blood. Alexander Skarsgard is smoking hot. Until he pops his fangs out. Then I just can't look at him.

Fangs do not belong on incisors!

Seriously, make-up effects people, you're making the sexy man look like a dork. Canine teeth, please.

"But what if the prosthetics don't allow the actor to close his mouth?" Make better teeth, or get a different actor. I've worn fake Halloween fangs, and I was able to talk and close my mouth. And those were off the shelf stuff, not really molded to my mouth.

I will grant that a double-fang (canine and incisor) is pretty hot. It's more dangerous, more likely to have a littly pain. And it will definitely leave a mark you'll never forget.

For those who want to defend the buck-toothed vampire, let me point out Karl Urban in Priest. He was perfect in his prosthetics, and knew just how to flash them.

That's how fangs should be. if only I could get Orlando Bloom into some...