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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

#TuesdaySerial - Keila and Varick 4

***A little heat this week. And a little longer than normal.***

Varick immediately wrapped arms around me from behind, pressing me hard to his chest. I moaned softly, months of longing ripping through me, flooding me with heat and sensation.

"Choose, quickly," the vampire growled in my ear. His hunger pulsed at my shields, and I opened myself to him. "Your bed or the couch?"

Images came with his words, shooting straight to my core. Varick wasn't asking permission to have me; he was going to take me tonight, going to feed. The only say I got in the matter was where.

"Bed," I forced out in a strangled whisper. It was hard to think with his hands and mouth on me, but what we were going to do didn't require thought.

Varick picked me up, carrying me to my room. He could have used vampiric speed to take me there in a blur, but he enjoyed the torture of the climb. Sapphire eyes stared at me, dark and narrowed with passion.

I wound his hair around my fingers, thinking only of his touch. My normal awkward feeling about being carried like this was cast aside. This Valkyrie was proud to be taken away like a prize.

He kicked my door closed and it slammed, rattling my window. So much for subtlety.

My room was dark, but that didn't bother the vampire. He found my bed easily enough, kneeling to set me on it. "The last time I saw you was unconscious in this very room."

I wasn't in the mood for talking. Desire ruled my mind, and I was finally back in Varick's arms. I kissed him, pressing my tongue past his lips. The vampire groaned deeply as my tongue rubbed a fang. I licked it again, aware of how much he liked it through our connection.

Having our spirits joined was almost like cheating.

Varick still knelt by the bed, clutching the edge and holding still. Keep doing that, he commanded mentally.

I swung around so he knelt between my legs, holding my heels behind his knees. My hands trembled only slightly as I ran them through his hair to cradle his head.

Then I moved to his mouth.

Varick's lips were parted, giving me full access. I flicked my tongue across his lower lip, teasing and tasting, but not joining. My experiences were actually pretty light when it came to the sensual, but I read and observed a lot. I drew on those knowledges in an attempt to impress him.

"You do not need to try anything." His whisper against my mouth set my skin to prickling. "Be only yourself."

I leaned back a little, staring at the soft glow that was his face. "You do remember that I don't know anything?"

Varick grabbed my hips fiercely, jerking me against his erection. "Does it seem like it matters to me?" I gasped, grinding against him, remembering our night together.

He leaned in to kiss my neck, hands roving up my sides. "Will it embolden you if I say no one has ever licked my fangs?" I said nothing, my hands sliding across his shoulders. "You gave me intense pleasure without trying to be someone else." The vampire drug his fangs across my skin.

I was absolutely molten, my core running with juices. His words did make me bolder, gave me strength. hen he leaned back, I dove for his mouth.

No taunting this time, I plunged into him, gripping the back of his head.

My tongue played between his fangs, touching his tongue and retreating. In and out, touching the insides of his fangs, sliding against them. He held still, though I felt a tremble building in him.

Grabbing a handful of his hair, I gave a growl of my own as I tipped his head back. Varick opened his mouth further, accommodating me as I licked one fang from tip to root, then the other.

I was driving him crazy. He shared his hunger with me for a moment, and my jaws ached. As much as he wanted to drive himself into me, Varick wanted to see how high I could crank the tension.

Obliging him was fun.

The vampire's fangs were modified eyeteeth. Normal width, and only a little forward of alignment, they were about half an inch long and sharp like a cat's. Two razor blades in his mouth, perfect for punching through skin and vein.

And apparently extremely erotic.

Varick's breath caught as I focused on his right fang, hands stiff on my back. Twice I flicked the tip of my tongue across it, then slowly traced the point. He ached for release, but wasn't at the edge of control yet.

So I slowly curled my tongue around the sharp point, then along the back. My tongue stud clicked against enamel, and I started the withdrawing stroke. A fresh stroke with the underside of my tongue up the front, then down and up the back. Again and again, incredibly slow.

It didn't seem at all strange that I was giving oral sex to a tooth.

Varick might not have been ready, but I was. I had to be bitten. When I flicked my tongue across the tip and he only groaned, I lost a little control. Impatience was compounded by desire.

There was only a little sting when I sliced my tongue on the razor point.

He growled and clutched me, one hand fisting in my hair. I moaned and writhed against him, my need an all-consuming fire.

But still he didn't bite me.

Surely he knew what I wanted, what we needed. There was no mistaking his hunger; it was a heavy blaze to my empathy, raging through him. One could only have so much foreplay.

I pressed my bloody tongue to his, and the flavor broke him.

Varick practically roared as he jerked my head back. I went limp, instantly submissive to his demands. The fangs I'd just worked into a frenzy plunged deep into my neck. I cried out, completely forgetting myself in the moment.

The pain of penetration lasted only a moment before the pleasure took over. Blood rushed to his mouth, and Varick growled as I filled him. Ecstasy danced across my nerves, and I was instantly dizzy.

It was good to have him back.