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Friday, October 28, 2011

#FridayFlash - What Lies in the Dark

I don't normally have an introduction to my stories, but I just wanted to state that the song quotes I use have not been run through a lawyer or anything. I'm just using them because not enough people know about Van Canto, so won't know what song I've referenced. It's "The Higher Flight", by the way. Enjoy.


I bring a light into
What lies in the dark

Rook leaned back in her chair, wiping at her tears. Her heart raced, and emotions raged through her soul. The author clung to the words, wound up in the hidden messages.

To all liars, trying to keep voices calm
You will not succeed in not making things better

She took a shuddering breath, trying to keep control. Rook always reacted to his voice, always heard the draconic resonance no one else did.

To all believers, still wandering on.
Keep track. Stay close. Your time will come.

Rook sobbed as she sang with him, letting her own voice drop into a growl. The glass on her desk rattled in reaction to the power she let forth. Power she'd kept tamped down since adolescence.

"No longer," she promised as the song continued. "If they won't hide, I won't." Rook dried her tears and took a deep and cleansing breath. Fire and rage stirred through her soul, filling her limbs with the need to do something.

Dragons weren't meant to be so sedentary.

The next track came on, and Rook's hands flew over her keyboard. Singing wasn't her way of reaching out to other immortals; writing was. Her stories would no longer be so veiled. Her words would speak only truth, meant for those who would understand.

It only remained to be seen if they would remember her.