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Monday, October 24, 2011

Unemployment is my catalyst

I lost my job last Wednesday. A little traumatic, seeing as I've had that job for nearly four years. Just not sure what to do with myself, and still kind of reeling from the surprise change in a four year habit.

But thanks to supportive family, I've gotten past the pain, and am working on adapting. Still waiting on little things, like if I qualify for unemployment, but am taking my new path.

I've decided to make this a catalyst, to finally make the changes I've wanted to for a while. Like being a freelance writer.

My husband had suggested I do it a while ago, but I just didn't have the time to work on articles, and my fiction, and a full-time job. Without that full-time job, I can certainly write new articles for income. I DO need an income, but I'm just looking at doing what will make me happy for the time being.

*crosses fingers* We shall see.

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  1. That sucks ... especially the abrupt, I didn't know it was coming kind of changes. :( I hope this is just what you need though and you can focus and write, write, write! :) Good luck!


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