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Monday, November 7, 2011

The freelancing just may be a thing

In my drama of losing my job, I hold onto the goodness: I've finally got the free time to work on my hobbies and writing. Granted, I've still slacked on finishing Midsummer's Unveiling, but I've been working on the freelance.

This weekend, I finished setting up my office. I needed to be somewhere away from others. Somewhere near my beloved Aleister. Some place that would mark working time and hanging out time.

I've put out some articles on Helium, sold several items to Textbroker, and even set up my separate freelance blog. Huzzah! I'm just tickled pink with how lovely all of this is turning out.

Still waiting to hear from state unemployment if I can get money or not. *fingers crossed* That will be the serious difference between whether I can make a true go of this, or if I'd still need to squeeze it into a full time job.

I really want writing to be my full time, so let's all hope for that. 8D