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Friday, November 11, 2011

#FridayFlash - Grenwald

Grenwald the pookah was bored.

And he really shouldn't have been. Sin City teemed with people, and had a constant flux of newcomers. Amongst all the glitz and glitter and entertainment, he should have had a non-stop stream of fun.

What the little fae hadn't counted on was how mundane and blind the people would be. No matter how outrageous his shapeshifts or pranks, he got no attention. They couldn't see him. And those who could see him thought it was a trick or merely their imagination.

Boredom was lethal when one couldn't get the power to leave.

Grenwald no longer looked for a big score. All he wanted at this point was for some living creature to really notice him, to give him an iota of energy to feed upon. Didn't have to be anything fancy, just some place to live.

He didn't even have to live well.

Wandering near the edge of the valley, Grenwald realized he was being stalked by a cat. The pookah turned, shapeshifting into a matching black and white cat. Golden eyes widened in curiosity, and Grenwald knew he could be seen.

~Hello, kitty.~ Speaking to animals was easy; if they could see the fae, they could hear the fae. Especially familiars, like this one apparently was.

But not entirely a familiar, for the cat gave no coherent reply. Only more curiosity and a tentative poke with a front paw.

~Who are you bound to that didn't give you sentience?~ Grenwald sat with perfect posture, looking down his shapeshifted nose at the feline.

The cat mewed softly, circling the fae, clearly unsure of his senses. Grenwald heaved a sigh, prepared to move on, when the cat suddenly turned and ran off. He would normally have been offended by the rudeness, but Grenwald felt the same call as the cat.

Ancient power, waking up, spilling like a beacon into the early day.

Excited, unbelieving, and incredibly hungry, Grenwald followed the cat home. In through the kitchen window of the nondescript house, then down the hall and into the master bedroom. The cat was already curled up between his owners, purring contentedly.

Grenwald could only stare. Power radiated from the pair like heat from an oven. With the power came a touch of understanding; they believed in the fae.

Sighing in relief, the pookah found a quiet corner where he could refuel. Home didn't look like it was going to be that bad.