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Friday, January 13, 2012

#FridayFlash - Dining Together

Grenwald sat on the altar, content to watch the myriad spirits and fae cycle past to feed. It was always hectic on the nights Rook and Johan made offering, sometimes taking twenty-four hours for all the insubstantial residents to feed. And since he'd been given responsibility, the little pookah took his job seriously.

Rook and Johan were out, and Ernest was asleep, meaning Grenwald was in charge. Not that Ernest was sensitive enough to do anything; his wakeful mind sometimes disrupted the flow, made feedings take longer.

It was pleasant to be in a household like this. Even if it got crowded sometimes. Rook loved him and gave him special treats. Johan had important work to do, but would spare time for the faeries on occasion. Best of all, the familiar Mackey would play with him.

As if the cat had heard his name, Mackey came through the bedroom window, making a tiny chirp as he landed on the floor. Purring loudly, the black and white cat looked for the pookah. Gold eyes sparkled brightly when Grenwald was spotted.

share food?

Mackey couldn't communicate as well as other familiars Grenwald had met, but he got his point across. Especially when he dropped the sparrow he'd carried in with him right in front of the altar. The cat purred, waiting for a response.

~You want to share that with me?~ The pookah couldn't exactly eat substantial food; there still wasn't enough magic in the world for him to properly manifest. But all magic was based on intention; well-formed thoughts of eating could give him a meal.

The cat nudged the dead bird, still looking up at his friend. He and Grenwald played wildly through the house, the pookah always willing to give the cat a big dose of faerie dust. Much to Rook's dismay. Most of the established faeries would play with the cat, willing to share dust and power with him.

Never before had the cat brought anything to share with them.

Mackey nuzzled the bird, vibrating with hunger, but holding back until Grenwald joined him. Smiling, he jumped off the altar and settled in beside the cat. The purring increased as the familiar began his feast, and Grenwald basked in the energy of the hunt. It was delicious, and gamey, and tinged with the love Mackey had for his friends. Many of the others stopped by to share with them.

Hours later, Grenwald was nestled with Mackey on the bed, sated and pleased. Rook came in with a basket of clothes and was taken by surprise by the scattering of feathers in front of the altar. Rather than being furious she had to clean up after her familiar, she recognized what had happened. Putting the basket aside, she scooped some of the feathers up to keep in the goblet.

"Babe, did you know our cat is making offerings too?" she asked, flopping down beside Mackey. She smiled and rubbed his ears. "Do you think anyone else's familiars make sacrifice to the fae?"

Grenwald had never heard of them doing so. Closing his eyes to rest, he nestled closer to his friend, glad there was at least one familiar who shared with the insubstantial.