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Monday, January 16, 2012

Making the new schedule

Being unemployed turned into more stress and depression than it really should have. It pretty much messed me up.

However, I am working on correcting that. With the new job, that's not really a job, and having finished a manuscript, and getting back in touch with the best parts of my family, have changed things. I'm doing super better.

Part of that betterness effort is going to mean getting back into Twitter and some forums. I certainly have the time to be posting online now.

One thing I'll be doing is joining Rebecca Emin's bloghop on the 23rd. So look forward to that.

And more stories from my site. More tales from the Shalafaes, because they always will be my truest loves. One of my absolute favorite lines appears in The Ring. I'll post it tomorrow, so you can see it too.

It's nice that so many of you have stuck through this with me. It makes me feel fantastic.